Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rabbits Like to Chew

If you have a pet rabbit that is allowed to roam around your home, please make sure that they cannot access any electrical cords. If they chew through the plastic covering on the electrical cords and access the embedded wiring, it can be fatal if the cord is plugged into the electrical socket.

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Paper Shredders and Pets

I read recently that paper shredders should be left in the 'off' position or completely unplugged when not in use. This prevents injuries to tails, tongues and feet if your pet accidentally lays its tail on the shredder, licks the shredder or puts its feet on the shredder.

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After Hours Vet Care

Ask your veterinarian whether after-hours care in emergency situations is offered. If it is not, familiarize yourself with the closest emergency veterinarian's office location, their contact information and hours of operation. Having this information handy when you need it will save you time and could save your pet's life.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reiki for Animals

Energy healing is a gentle, painless, yet powerful modality that works where it is needed most. The form of energy healing that I use is Reiki. Traditionally, Reiki has been used primarily on humans since the mid 1800s. However, it has been found to benefit any living thing, including plants and animals.

Reiki can be used for distance as well as hands-on healing. It works on many levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Because Reiki consists of the same Universal Life Energy that makes every living thing alive, any living thing can be helped by Reiki energy.

Typically, when a Reiki practitioner uses Reiki on an animal, the animal will become very relaxed and sometimes will even fall asleep. A treatment can be short (about 5 or 10 minutes) or long (up to an hour) depending on how much healing the animal feels it needs.

Once the animal has absorbed all of the energy it feels it needs, it will slowly awaken and walk away. Often, in my experience, before walking away, the animal will give me a sign of affection as a way to say, "Thank you". This has usually taken the form of a nuzzle, 'love lick' or 'love nibble'.

Please keep in mind that Reiki is typically used as a complimentary therapy and is not a substitute for veterinary care.

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